Why the Magic Leap startup is looking to sell

Shortly after its creation in 2011, the American startup Magic Leap made her talk. At issue is the strategy of a marketing strategy of choice based on secrecy, a positioning that is reminiscent of that of Apple — mainly during the Steve Jobs era. Since its creation, the start-up has raised no less than 2.6 billion, a large part of which comes from companies known worldwide such as Google, Alibaba and Qualcomm.

However, Magic Leap seems to be struggling to prove itself, to the point that the startup would finally look for a buyer who can take over at least part of the seedling. According to the Bloomberg agency, she would have started discussions with Facebook, but the social network would not have achieved anything and that would not have succeeded.

Magic Leap sales were disappointing

Magic Leap would also seek to interest Johnson & Johnson, the first world health group which dedicates its activities to the pharmacy, the devices of company or the care products. Bloomberg does not provide further details on potential discussions between the two parties.

After many years of talking about his project in a very vague way, Magic Leap lifted the veil on his augmented reality helmet in August 2018. However, sales were far from the expectations of the young shoot. In six months, it would have sold 6,000 units, where it aimed for no less than 100,000 sales.

It’s hard to know exactly why the success was not there, but we can still talk about the price of the device without going far wrong. To get the Magic Leap helmet, you will have to spend the trifle of $ 2,300.

In addition, Magic Leap has teased its product for many years, a positioning that can be rewarded if the final product is judged to be up to expectations. It would seem that this was not ultimately the case for users.

Magic Leap did not speak on the subject.

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