This startup found an original solution to fight against marine pollution

The subject is rarely mentioned and yet the facts are relentless: 32% of marine litter in the European Union is attributable to freighters and fishing boats. However, the pollution of these ships has been framed for a long time by an international convention which bears the name of MARPOL (Marine Pollution).

The latter specifies in particular that ships must keep their waste on board before it is not possible to dispose of it properly in ports. This rule is routinely flouted and it is difficult for port authorities to verify the weight and volume of correctly disposed waste.

The port of Barcelona will test this technology

This is where the Portuguese startup 3D Modeling Studio comes in. The company has developed a system for automatically calculating the volumes of solid waste present in a container.

Concretely, this system called Clever-Volume is based on a laser technology called LiDAR and allows the port authorities to verify the statements of the ships. The CEO of the startup told ZDNet the process: ” It is an active technology because it generates the stimulus, or laser beam, which allows the measurement. This means that it does not depend on the lighting conditions on site, which makes the data collected more reliable.

The system is already in the testing phase at the port of Barcelona and should in the long term largely facilitate this complex and labor-intensive work. Javier Romo, technical manager of this infrastructure, is also quite enthusiastic: ” Clever-Volume is an interesting solution for us because we are a public entity. Therefore, the more objectively we can measure and assess the volumes we need to manage and quantify, the better.

If this experiment proves successful, the use of this system could be generalized to the whole port facility, with the key a more effective means of combating marine pollution.

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