Juul electronic cigarettes under investigation

If the brand of electronic cigarettes Juul has experienced a particularly rapid rise in the United States, the startup is undergoing the backlash of its own success. Indeed, it is currently being targeted by a new criminal investigation, reveals the Wall street journal.

Still, little has been said about the matter, and a spokesman for Juul said he could not confirm or deny the information. In summary, we know that federal prosecutors are preparing their investigation, but we do not know the precise content of the investigation.

Juul already under investigation

One can imagine, however, since Juul is already the target of several investigations, including two launched by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The two entities focus on the fact that the start-up could sell electronic cigarettes to minors and that this would be based on marketing aimed at a young target. The nicotine level of its products is also affected.

Juul also implemented a prevention program in which he indicated that the electronic cigarette was less dangerous than the cigarette, which earned him an admonition from the FDA. The agency also found the speech to be attractive and not to prevent minors from getting involved in vaping.

Juul has been accused for a long time of selling products to minors, so that minors start smoking electronic cigarettes when they were not smokers. Since its launch, the young sprout has ensured that its products are intended for smokers who wish to find an alternative to the electronic cigarette.

However, Juul has lifted the veil on many fruity products, offering apple, vanilla and other electronic cigarettes. The startup finally stopped selling its products and turned to more targeted adult marketing.

We should also remember that the United States recently went to war against flavored electronic cigarettes, precisely because of their appeal to young people.

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