About Us

Miui , is an independent online media group focused on pop culture, high-tech, gaming and music. Long “personal blog” written and edited by the sole hand of its founder, miui welcomed new editors, some occasional, other regulars, who have since acquired the status of authors, and who publish articles regularly. The site keeps the “blog spirit” but is gradually becoming more professional to become a real media with an editorial team

Our Team

Gursimran Singh

Data science student with an interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Currently pursuing my masters degree at DePaul.

Himanshu Chaudhary

Software Engineer | Tech Enthusiast

Shubham Bansal

When you are not practising, someone somewhere is practising & when you will meet him, he will win.
CEO and Founder at NotesStack
Works at VIT University, Vellore
Studied Computer Science and Engineering at VIT University