A start-up wants to uberize drinking water

Water is one of the resources that concern us most for the future, along with oil, sand and phosphorus. It also fuels economic interests, as the history of the Trusii company recently showed. In many countries, drinking water is a real problem for people. Due to the pollution of tap water, residents therefore resort to bottled water. A situation which aggravates the environmental problem. But an American company intends to profit economically.

Drinking water for sale

This company, called “oolee” therefore wants to be your supplier of drinking water. The equivalent of your gas, electricity or even internet provider. The company thus offers to deliver an unlimited amount of drinking water to the home for a small monthly cost, a subscription. As a sign of the interest it arouses in the United States, it has already managed to raise $ 1 million.

Yet filters that can be installed on faucets do the job in theory. But Oolee considers that people do not take care of it, and therefore that the quality of the water deteriorates. And therefore there is potentially a market to be seized. The price is, it is true, rather interesting: 29 dollars per month, less than a dollar a day.

Concretely, it is a small device that connects to the tap via Wi-Fi and allows users to control the quality of the water, with reminders to replace the filter and the possibility of re-ordering with a simple click. The application also provides information on temperature and other characteristics.

If we run out of water one day, we can always go to the English side. A few years ago, they explained that the Internet was more important than drinking water.

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